Providing the Transparent identity of Company, Go through these Terms & Conditions And Understand Your Rights And Commitments. All Further Correspondence In The Middle Of You And The Travel Agent Company Would Straight forwardly Rely On Upon The Accompanying Terms And Conditions And Not In Any Case Upon TripandTourNepal.com


All Sightseers Are Mindful Themselves For Having A Legitimate Identification, Visa, Medical Endorsements (Where Required) And Other Vital Archives On Flight. We Might Not Be Considered In Charge Of Any Misfortunes That Outcome From Customers Not Being In Control Of The Right Documentation. It Is A Booking Prerequisite Of The Visit That You And All Persons For Whose Benefit You Are Making A Booking Are Enough Protected For The Complete Length Of Time Of The Visit In Admiration Of Ailment, Harm, Demise, Loss Of Stuff, International ID And Individual Things, Cancelation And Diminishing.


You should Book Your Required Visit Or Stop-Over As Quickly As Time Permits By Sending A Complete Booking And Installment Structure. Endeavor To Give As Much Correct Information And Portrayal Of Your Tour That Will Help Us In Satisfying Your Smallest Necessity And To Furnish You With Most Ideal Consumer Loyalty.


We Endeavor To Guarantee That Whatever Is Expressed In Our Site Is Precise And Is Taken After Precisely And That Our Subcontractors Stay Effective And Trustworthy. Regardless, We Have No Immediate Control Of The Normal Running Of Our Subcontractor’s Operations. We Maintain Whatever Authority Is Needed To Change The Schedule Or Settlement Depending To Give Best Administrations To The Sightseers. The Company Does Not Stand Liable If Any Issue Between The Traveler And Travel Agent Like If An Aircraft Scratches Off Or Defers A Flight Nor Is It In Charge Of Any Expenses Coming About In This Manner. The Company Will Not Give Any Discount To Divides Of Visit Missed Because Of Crossed Out Or Deferred Flights. The Company Maintains Whatever Authority Is Needed To Decrease Or Hold Any Individual As An Individual From A Visit.

After A Booking Has Been Made, On The Off Chance That You Wish To Roll Out Improvements To Your Schedule, All Help Will Be Given To Meet Your Necessities Through Travel Agent. Regardless, Changes Will Come Into Influence Contingent Upon The Accessibility. On the off chance that Adjustments Incorporate Changes To Air Tickets And Booking Dates; Any Punishments Coming About Because Of Such Revisions After Flights Are Ticketed Will Be Your Obligation. Any Adjustment In Visit Cost Because Of Changes Must Be Singularly Borne By The Traveler.


We Are Not In Charge Of The Quality, Worth, Dependability Or Realness Of Merchandise That Are Acquired While On The Visit Regardless Of The Possibility That It Is From A Spot Included On Your Agenda. Nor Are We Subject In Any Capacity At All For Any Courses Of Action You May Make To Post, Ship Or Cargo Such Buys. Amass Learning About The Area You Are Referring So As To Go By To Trust Material As This Will Assist You With Getting A Charge Out Of The Occasions Better.


We Require That Each One Of Those Going With Us Be In A General Decent Condition Of Well being. On the off chance that You Have Any Restorative Condition Which May Require Proficient Consideration Amid The Visit; You Must Tell Us In Composing At The Season Of Booking (Or When The Condition Creates, If After The Date Of Booking). We Will Help You In Acquiring Any Such Restorative Consideration. In The Event That You Wish To Go Ahead With The Booking; An Endorsement From Your Specialist Expressing That They Are All Things Considered Sufficiently Fit To Embrace The Visit Is Obligatory.


Every single Game Plan Of Transport, Settlement And Other Travel-Related Administrations Are Made By The Organization As Agents Just. The Company Has No Power Over The Suppliers (Travel Company) Who Give The Above Administrations, Subsequently The Obligation Does Not Lies With The Organization For Any Careless Or Unlawful Act Or Disappointment Of Any Supplier Or Of Any Outsider. We Will, Nonetheless, Give You Any Bolster We Can In Making A Case Against The Dependable Party, Where We Trust That You May Host A Case Against That Gathering. Neither The Organization Nor Any Individual Helping Or Teaming Up With The Organization Might Be Obligated For Death Or Any Individual Damage.


Your Privacy Is important To Us. Whatever Data You Uncover To Us, Be It About Your Trip Arranges Or Your Own Subtle Elements; You Can Be Guaranteed That The Data Will Be Kept Secret And Will Not Be Discharged To An Outsider. The Points Of Interest May Be Utilized To Give You With The Asked To Benefits. Then again, We Additionally Anticipate That You Will Give Us Just The Genuine Data To Keep Away From Bothers In Future.