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TRIP AND TOUR NEPAL, an enlist experience organization oversaw and worked by Nepali experts, was framed in 1992 and has turned out to be mainstream among the enterprise searcher around the world from that point onward. We have possessed the capacity to keep up the standard of value benefit alongside ensured fulfillment since our foundation to till date in masterminding and working sheltered and fun waterway trips all through Nepal. Regardless of whether you are an anxious amateur or an accomplished adrenaline junkie, we will guarantee the enterprise for lifetime.

TRIP AND TOUR NEPAL is focused on natural esteems and every one of its exercises have low or zero effect on the earth. we offers boating in Nepal, kayaking, trekking, climbing, Canyoning, experience travel bundles, Himalayan stream visits and touring, Tibet visits, trekking and engine biking. we are perceived and set up and experienced enterprise visit administrator situated in Nepal.

Our globally experienced aides, gifted vessel commanders, cooks and other waterway groups are completely prepared in medical aid and stream protect and in addition resolved to convey an additional esteem investigating the remote wide open and common magnificence of Nepal, which would be relatively unimaginable without waterway outing. Regardless of whether you are in gathering or an individual, we can arrange a stumble on extensive variety of streams by pontoon and kayak. We likewise run a kayak school for tenderfoots and endeavors for master kayakers.

We trust that sharing the energy of Nepal’s delightful waterways with kindred experience searchers is resistant a benefit to us. This is the reason huge numbers of enterprise searchers come to us as a client and go as a companion who keeps routinely prescribing their companions to us.

TRIP AND TOUR NEPAL presents to you the most experienced and regarded wilderness boating trips in nepal’s best streams. We offer boating aficionados – from fledglings to specialists – top quality half to multi-day whitewater boating stumbles on the most prominent waterways in Nepal.TRIP AND TOUR NEPAL gives numerous years proficient controlling background in kayaking and rafters downriver. Regardless of in case you’re new to boating, regardless of in the event that you go for a few hours, or a few days, and regardless of on the off chance that you can go close or a long way from home, you’re certain to locate the ideal boating excursion appropriate here!

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